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When you come to Indian Paradise you are probably looking for nude images of Indian wives, Pakistani selfies and Desi amateurs having hardcore sex. We are the best resource around for great pictures, but what should you do if you want to enjoy something else? Let me introduce you to

Mr. Porn Geek and his collection of reviews on the best Indian sex sites the Internet has to offer. If you thought we were the Indian sex paradise, think again! This man has devoted his life to researching the best pornography on the Internet and is an expert on all things smut. The category just linked is a great place to find XXX fun of Desi goddesses and Indian queens alike.

Note that these recommended Indian sex websites require you to pay in order to access them, but Mr. Porn Geek also has an Indian tubes section where you can find videos of girls from West Asia getting down and dirty.

According to Mr. Porn Geek, he looks at dozens of places before picking the ones that are actually worth recommending. That means that instead of wasting your time writing bad reviews on Desi smut hubs that aren’t worth looking at, he only bothers to mention the ones that he personally thinks offer a good experience for the money requested.

The best thing about Mr. Porn Geek is that he’s honest and doesn’t bet around the bush: recommendations are based on a variety of factors and the written reviews will give you a lot of information regarding each and every place. It’s no surprise that he is considered the go-to website on the Internet for adult reviews: Mr. Porn Geek understands the pornography industry better than anyone else!

Go and visit his Indian sex site reviews now – you won’t regret this!

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