Driving uber in India and meeting desi girls

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Some Crazy Drivers From India

Hot day somewhere in India. Heat is coming from sky like some kind of plasteline. Imagine that you are uber driver. Traffic is crazy. Cars, cars, cars. You hate your job. You are just poor Indian guy that recently moved from the suburbs to find a better life in this metropolis. So you got the job at Uber. At the beginning it was all ok. Company was paying at time, salary was OK for the bills. You could even save some money.

Too bad that in last years these crazy Americans started to get greedy and they payed less and less. But you still do your job. And why ? There is one reason for that. Hot desi girls. Sometimes they take a ride with you. These sexy Indian chicks don’t care that you are a man. They already know your reputation. They know that you won’t hurt them. You just like to observe their sexy skirts, cute legs and smell whatever smell they are. That’s why you still keep your job as a Uber driver !

Online Cam Sex Not For Uber Drivers

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